“After experiencing unexpected complications and diagnoses from major knee surgery, my healing is going extremely well since my work with Jeni. Furthermore, I am at peace with my body, particularly my knee, which I had never experienced in my life. This experience has left me in awe of my body’s ability to heal despite all its challenges, and feeling so excited and positive. I recommend Jeni in the strongest terms possible to everyone who can benefit from her services." - J.B. 

"I  had hip replacement surgery 12 days ago. I talked to my surgeon yesterday. He gave me an 'all systems go!' The only caution was avoiding external rotation. I can drive. I can walk. I can exercise. I have my life back! I am so excited! He called me his poster child! 'Normal' after this type of surgery is being able to walk a mile in 6 weeks. I walked a mile 4 days after surgery!!  'Normal' has never been my goal. Jeni, thank you for your help!" -S.L.



The human mind and body are miraculous! And they are intimately linked. Fear and stress can block healing and create or intensify pain. When you are dealing with dis-ease, medical treatment side-effects, chronic pain, or recovery from an injury or surgery, your well-being and quality of life can be greatly diminished.


Fortunately, there are many beneficial uses for hypnotherapy in a medical context. As a powerful adjunct to other modalities, hypnotherapy can increase the efficacy of treatment plans prescribed by your healthcare provider. Because hypnosis creates a profound state of physical relaxation, blood flow returns to normal, muscles relax, digestive and reproductive systems return to healthy functioning, and the immune system is empowered to protect and heal the body. Additionally, with hypnotherapy you can mobilize your inner resources when you provide the subconscious mind with positive suggestions and imagery that promote health and speed healing.


While pain provides useful information, it can be debilitating and slow your healing process. Hypnotic pain management techniques can be easily learned and offer natural, non-invasive pain relief, which in turn, increase the body’s ability to heal and restore itself.




Accelerated Healing and Pain Control


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