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These audios promote deep states of relaxation. Please do not listen to while driving or operating machinery.


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FREE A Vibrant New You! (27:59)

Are you ready to create luminous health and vitality? You are guided to a beautiful inner-healing sanctuary where you energize, strengthen, and renew your body. Awaken radiant, refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized!

A Journey Into the Elemental Kingdom (47:16)

Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth and discovery. In this guided imagery session, you are introduced to the magical world of the Elemental Kingdom. Throughout this enchanted journey you release energetic blocks and harmonize and energize your system with the high vibrations of nature and Spirit. From this elevated state, you are invited to create a new reality for yourself and the planet. Music by Stephen Jacob:

FREE Relaxation MP3 (6:18)

Align, center and reset your body, mind and energy system with this short, guided-imagery session. Perfect for daily use whenever you need more peace, clarity, creativity or physical relaxation. Attune the power of your mind with the wisdom of your heart!

Freedom & Peace Through Forgiveness (35:29)

Set yourself free! Experience this deep and powerful process to create greater health and well-being on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Prepare for Surgery & Accelerated Healing (23:41)

Are you facing surgery or recovering from an illness or injury? Deeply calm your mind and relax your body. Access your powerful inner resources to promote and speed healing. Listen on a repeat loop before, during and after surgery.

Meditations for Transformation (16:29) "I AM" declarations align you with the Divine qualities you already are; gently dissolve the ego; and flush out limiting thoughts, patterns and emotions from your bodies. Remember the Truth of who you are! Music by Stephen Jacob:

Self Hypnosis (23:50) Learn how to easily access the natural state of self-hypnosis to de-stress, improve your health, and create your heart's desires. This is an invaluable self-help tool that you can practice daily


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