Learn how hypnosis can help in labor and childbirth. Interview with Jeni Miller and Dr. John Mason.

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Course

What if birth could be easier, more comfortable, empowering and blissful? 



I invite that possibility for you and your baby. Blissborn is changing birth!

We have been subconsciously programmed to believe that birth is a painful and difficult emergency. THE REALITY? Birth is a natural process that can be easier and more comfortable than most mothers ever imagine. Childbirth is directed by the subconscious mind through a combination of programming and instincts. Hypnosis allows you to eliminate any negative beliefs and expectations so that you can confidently experience giving birth.

Graduates of this program are prepared physically, mentally and emotionally for the most empowering experience of their lives. 85% of Blissborn moms gave birth naturally in less than 5 hours of labor...even first-time moms! Blissborn quadruples your chance of staying relaxed, comfortable, and in control so you and your baby can truly enjoy this miraculous event! Blissborn parents report exceptionally calm and alert babies too.

Blissborn combines the best of science, medical knowledge, mind-body therapy and childbirth education in a fun and inspiring course. It emphasizes the power of your own mind to create the birth you desire. You already have everything you need to make it happen, and once you learn how to use self-hypnosis, you'll be able to remain calm, release fears, control sensations, and create a satisfying birth!

Blissborn’s proprietary techniques benefit the baby as well, by reducing the causes of distress and helping to create calmness in the baby that often lasts well into the first year.

This course is intended for third-trimester moms and their birth partners.

Each two-hour class features activities, hypnosis, discussion, special training for birth partners, a practice MP3 and a comprehensive 246-page manual. Each class builds on the last. Homework and practice take 30-40 minutes/day and this homework is fun! Practicing is essential for success.

"Our baby's birth was an amazing experience. As a first-time mom I had expected a longer labor and greater discomfort than was my experience. Imagine my surprise to arrive at the hospital and be told by my doctor I was fully dilated and ready to push. I estimate I was only in labor about four hours and most of that time in total calm and comfort. I'm so thankful my husband and I found you and Blissborn!" --K.N.

Course Description:

Class 1: Discovering Self-Hypnosis
Learn the secret to profound relaxation that offers no resistance to labor, and how to reactivate it instantly with just one simple prompt! 

Class 2: Practical Skills for Mom & Partners
Partners learn how to become hypnosis coaches and use techniques the that TRULY help moms throughout the process. Moms learn how to remain in hypnosis while walking and keeping their eyes open. There is also an overview of birth anatomy, terminology and the phases of labor.

Class 3: Birth Without Fear
Moms and Partners identify and transform the fears that could derail an otherwise perfect birth. Fear is replaced with calmness and confidence.

Class 4: Tame Labor Pain with your Brain
Learn timeless secrets of the mind that have allowed people for thousands of years to reduce sensations in their bodies and suffering from their minds. 

Class 5: Putting it all Together
You’ll put together all the skills and info from the first four classes to create the blueprint for labor and birth that you desire! We’ll explore and finalize birth plans, labor positions and pushing phase suggestions, which will leave you confident and excited about your birth. You’ll also learn how to use hypnosis to speed healing, jumpstart breastfeeding and get by on less sleep. Partners practice their ‘duties’ and special hypnosis techniques. 

Course Includes:

  •  Two spaces in this 5 week, 2-hour course/week (for you and your birth partner)

  •  An intimate class size to ensure personalized attention

  •  A flash drive with 5 practice recordings to correspond with each class, a recording for you to listen to in labor, 2 tracks to prepare for and use when it's time to change locations during birth, plus 2 postpartum recordings for relaxation and to support healing and breastfeeding

  • Handouts and a comprehensive 246-page manual

  •  Your doula, midwife or OB may sit in for free

  •  Practical skills that will last a life-time!


Join us to experience a better way to give birth....





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