"I AM SO BLESSED to have met you and so thankful for your work....Oh my. The impact on my life is remarkable. Since the Past-Life Regression session so many questions have fallen into place like pieces of a puzzle. It shifted a recurring physical limitation in my body and the clarity I gleaned has enabled me to see how I can make different choices that positively influence my life. Because my perception and awareness have changed, I am able to allow and be so much more .... Thank you again!"--Linda Jo L.

Natal and Past-Life Regression

Natal Regression


Your subconscious mind stores all thoughts, emotions, experiences, and the beliefs you’ve accepted or decided…even those created in the womb or during your birth! Research has shown that while you are in the womb you are aware of your parents’ emotions and attitudes too. All of this information influences your perception of yourself, your relationships with others, and it formulates the blueprint of your life experience.


During a natal regression session you uncover the subconscious memories from womb time and birth that are limiting your life experience and transform them into more supportive and healthy attitudes and patterns.


Women or couples who are on the road to parenthood are encouraged to schedule these sessions as a part of their plan to bring in baby. Releasing any subconscious limitations or unprocessed birth distress prior to conception will free you to increase the likelihood of having an easy birth for both you and your baby!


Past-Life Regression


Past-life regression often resolves issues that do not seem to have current life causes and issues that have not met resolution through other therapeutic means. The benefit of a past-life regression session is to explore the karmic influence of past-life experiences on current issues.


This process used in a therapeutic manner can assist you to discover:


  • the root of a “seemingly irrational” fear or phobia

  • the source of a recurring pattern, issue or health challenge

  • a resource that would be helpful in your life today

  • the source of a special skill, talent or ability

  • your life purpose and major life themes

  • your vast consciousness and connection to your divine nature


These sessions are wonderful for personal and spiritual growth.




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