“I worked with Jeni prior to my double mastectomy. Before our time together, I was extremely anxious about the surgery and concerned about post-surgical pain and a long recovery time. Jeni taught me how to deeply relax and ‘program’ myself for a very positive surgical outcome. I sailed through surgery more easily than I imagined and was amazed at how quickly I was able to return to my exercise routine that uses an elliptical machine.”-Tanya B. 

"The day before I had foot surgery, I scheduled a session with Jeni. Our work helped me remain calm and confident during the procedure. Jeni created a customized audio CD that I listened to during my recovery. The CD assisted me in minimizing discomfort, reducing pain medication and accelerated my healing time. My surgeon and I were surprised at how quickly I was up and walking around without assistance!”-Kim J.

Surgery Preperation 

Feeling stressed, anxious or helpless about facing surgery? What if you could overcome your fears, improve your surgical outcome, accelerate your post-surgery healing and feel more in control, instead? 

Hypnosis deeply relaxes the body and mind and allows you to access your own innate healing ability and feel more in control. Medical research studies show that hypnotherapy can assist you to:


  •  feel calmer before surgery
  •  strengthen your immune system
  •  reduce pain after surgery
  •  speed healing and recovery
  •  use less pain medication
  •  shorten hospital stay
  •  save money on medical expenses

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